A Brief Update and A Sneak Peek At The New ARRI AMIRA!

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I’ve been keeping busy a lot in the new year and have been very fortunate to start my new year off with a bang. To start, I completed my fifth year working for the Academy Awards. I’ve been able to work on a good share of productions as DP and a few as the gaffer. And also started preproduction on a few larger productions that should take place this summer. But one of the more interesting things to happen to me was being approached by Pro Video Coalition to write an article on ARRI’s new ENG style Alexa camera, the AMIRA!

AMIRA Picture 1

The AMIRA is ARRI’s attempt to break into the ENG market of documentary and live event coverage. This was my first ever venture into writing for a magazine and it was quite an experience! When you have a chance I encourage you to head over to the Pro Video Coalition’s site and read it! Also while you’re there, take a look around at all the articles written by some really cool industry people on a wide range of topics. And since NAB is happening now, you’ll be able to read a lot of coverage on all the new toys about to hit the market, like the AMIRA! Haha.


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