A Brief Update and A Sneak Peek At The New ARRI AMIRA!

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I’ve been keeping busy a lot in the new year and have been very fortunate to start my new year off with a bang. To start, I completed my fifth year working for the Academy Awards. I’ve been able to … Continued

A Look At the Cinematography Behind, “Re-Election” A Webseries!

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Over the summer I had the pleasure of getting hired on to DP a new webseries by a great director, Paul Karpenko. Re-Election is a Groundhogs Day meets Veep styled webseries ¬†where our heroine Jamie (played by the talented Amber … Continued

Love Shooting A Period Film!

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I love shooting period films. They are so much fun from the costume design to the production design and the lighting! The second I knew I was brought on to shoot a 1930’s I knew I wanted to utilize diffusion … Continued

First Post! – A Gaffer For A Foodie Webseries

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Into the last week of March I was approached by a friend I met from working on The Aquabats! Super Show! about being the gaffer for a new webseries about foodies in Los Angeles. Combining my two favorite loves filmmaking … Continued