Caribe Road!

Caribe Road (pronounce ka-ree-beh, Spanish for “Caribbean”) follows the fictional story of U.S. Special Forces commander Mark Caribe (Hector Luis Bustamante), who is hell bent in starting a new life away from the military after a previous black ops mission goes terribly wrong. But first, under the direction of the President of the United States, Caribe must accept the command of a new elite combat unit called SFT1, Special Forces Team One, in hopes of capturing a terrorist named Carlos Saldana and reuniting with a daughter he thought was dead.

I will say, being the cinematographer for such a great show has been one of my favorite things so far in my career. It would be the perfect example of the epicenter of great professional people, a dynamic concept for a show, and outstanding resources to be able to pull it all together. The look and feel of this show is very documentary-action based. As if you as the audience were right there in the middle of the story experiencing all the drama and gun fights of our heroic Special Forces Team One.

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