A Retro Throwback Grindhouse “Trailer” Film

The Grindhouse genre of the 1970’s held a very distinctive look. And while there are some really outstanding gems in the bunch, often times the trailer to the film itself was the best part of the whole movie. This niche genre was what our director Eddie Granado wanted to recreate using modern technology and heavy visual effects work. Effects like 16mm film grain, gate weave, scratches, and in one scene where the whole film itself jumps off the rollers!

What came out of it was a great film that highlights all the cliches. It was a film I was really proud to be the cinematographer on as I was allowed a lot of freedom to create the look of “grindhouse” using everything from vintage Nikon lenses to rich pink gels on our lights to simulate neon lights pouring into a cheap motel room.


Tom In Chair

Walking Down the Street

Car Shot

Pink Light Scene

Girl With Blade

Knife In Car